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Mitch Furman Represents Uber Driver Charged with Simple Assault

Video Proves Complainant Lying

On February 1st, the date of the Super Bowl, a Chicago woman enlisted an Uber driver to take her home. According to the woman, however, the driver became violent when she informed him that he had missed the turn to her house. Although the driver stopped the car twice, he allegedly refused to let the woman get out of the vehicle and blocked her efforts to do so.

The woman said that the driver U-turned away from the direction of her house and turned off the meter when he was a few blocks away. In her own words, the woman thought that she was being kidnapped.

A massive snowstorm was plaguing Chicago at the time of the alleged incident. When a snowplow approached and the Uber driver slowed to let it pass, the woman said she jumped out of the moving car and ran home in the blizzard.

Attorney Mitch Furman Secures Not Guilty Verdict for Driver

The woman called the police when she returned home and reports indicate that the Uber driver turned himself in three weeks later. He was charged with simple assault and released on $3,000 bond. According to city records, the driver currently holds a temporary license, but Uber deactivated him from driving for the company following the supposed incident.

At his trial recently, the Uber driver was represented by Attorney Mitch Furman. Through Attorney Furman’s aggressive defense, he successfully secured a Not Guilty verdict on behalf of the driver. If he had been convicted, the man would have faced up to 30 days in jail.

With over a decade of legal experience and a commitment to the best interests of the criminally accused in Chicago, it is no wonder that Attorney Furman was victorious in this case. If you are facing charges, don’t wait! Contact the Law Offices of Mitch Furman today for your free consultation.

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