Suspension or Revocation Due To Fraud

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Driver's License Reinstatement Attorney in Chicago, IL

At the Law Offices of Mitch Furman, we are focused upon assisting those who are suffering the consequences of driver’s license suspension, including cases in which a license was suspended due to fraud. You are restricted from obtaining a driver’s license under specific circumstances.

Some examples include:

  • If you allow another person who is under 21 to use your license or ID card
  • That person uses your card to get into a club
  • They use it to get into a bar
  • They use it to purchase alcohol

In any of the above are true, then your license can be suspended or revoked. Any illegal activities surrounding the purchase of alcohol or access to clubs or bars that include the use of a false driver’s license, or a license owned by another person will lead to license suspension or revocation.

An application for a driver’s license in the state that includes false statements, or is alleged to have concealed any material fact will lead to revocation or suspension as well. These are often situations in which a person has had their license suspended, and then tries to get a license by using a different name, or hiding the facts illegally. Using the identity of another person is not legal when seeking a driver’s license. Those who are in the country without legal status may feel that they were forced to seek a license illegally as they cannot currently have a driver’s license in this state without legal immigration status.

Administrative Hearing to Restore Your Legal Right to Drive in Chicago

After the suspension of a driver’s license in a case in which it is alleged that false information was submitted in order to gain a license, there is a process that will take place. The person has the right to apply for a restricted license while the legal process unfolds. The Secretary of State may require that the person be investigated to determine his or her true identity first, in a special hearing held at the Secretary of State Police headquarters.

The next step is to apply for a restricted permit in an administrative hearing, and our criminal defense firm can help you with all of these important legal issues, with the goal of restoring your legal right to operate a vehicle. You may need to gain a TVDL (Temporary Visitor Driver’s License), which is a specific application process for those who are not in the country with legal status. We know what to do if your license had been revoked due to fraud, and we urge you to contact us at once.

Contact us today for information about driver’s license reinstatement after suspension or revocation for fraud.

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