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Have you been accused of money laundering?

If you have been arrested for or charged with money laundering, you could be facing serious penalties. Money laundering, or the process of legitimizing money obtained through illegal activity by funneling it through lawful channels, is a felony offense and can result in years of imprisonment if you are convicted. You need a seasoned Chicago criminal defense attorney representing your rights as soon as possible. At my firm, the Law Offices of Mitch Furman, my team and I are dedicated to protecting the criminally accused.

I strongly believe every individual is innocent until proven guilty. That’s why I carefully review each client’s situation and develop a defense strategy that is geared to produce the most positive outcome possible. With more than a decade of legal experience, I know what it takes to get successful results. Read about my victories in the past. You can be confident in my firm.

Money Laundering Penalties in Illinois

Beginning in 1970 with the Bank Secrecy Act, the federal government has passed several laws that give them broad authority to fight money laundering. In 2001, the USA Patriot Act increased the civil and criminal penalties for those convicted of laundering funds. Individuals facing money laundering charges often find themselves under investigation for or charged with multiple forms of criminal activity, including drug distribution, illegal gambling, and tax evasion. Sentences for money laundering can include up to 10 years in federal prison, as well as forfeiture of funds, property, or other assets.

Let a Criminal Defense Attorney Fight for You

With so much at stake, you need to know you have a tough advocate who understands the criminal justice system. I have extensive experience with the laws and procedures in criminal cases and am known for my commitment to legal excellence. From defending your rights early on in the legal process to developing a hard-hitting courtroom defense, I am prepared to handle every aspect of your case. I also offer a free case evaluation so you can learn more about your legal options.

Contact my firm today and learn how a skilled Chicago criminal defense attorney can help you.

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