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There can be no denying the fact that being arrested for a criminal offense in Chicago is a serious issue. The consequences of an ultimate conviction could cost you many of the rights and freedoms that you currently enjoy; however, this does not have to be the case. At the Law Offices of Mitch Furman you will find the aggressive legal defense you need in order to tackle the charges that have been made against you.

With more than a decade of experience practicing in the field of criminal defense law, I know the concerns you may be feeling post-arrest. Criminal charges bring about many questions for the individuals who have been criminally accused, and sometimes for their families as well. Therefore, I have assembled a list of the questions that my team receives most frequently by the defendants we represent in Chicago. Below, you will find answers to these questions, many of which may satisfy some of your queries as well.

How do I choose the right criminal defense lawyer for my needs? – It is critical that you select a lawyer with trial ability. Not all attorneys have the presence and delivery in court needed to successfully win over a jury. The lawyer who represents your case will make a significant difference in the eventual outcome of your situation. I, Mitch Furman, have extensive experience in the court as a trial attorney and know how to aggressively fight on behalf of my clients in court. Whether you are facing a first DUIor a serious felony charge, I will aggressively and relentlessly defend your rights and advocate for your best interests. There is no prosecutor who intimidates me.

You also want to work with someone you can trust, someone who will take the time to listen to your individual circumstances. Having an attorney who truly cares about your well-being is critical to a successful partnership between you and your legal team. I offer a free initial consultation to learn all the facts surrounding your case and determine the best course of action. I am committed to offering top-notch, personalized representation for each case I take on. I am personable, experienced, and thorough, ensuring no piece of evidence ever falls through the cracks.

What if there is extensive evidence against me? – Every case I take on is fully analyzed and painstakingly reviewed in order to find any flaws in the evidence. If witnesses are necessary to substantiate your case, we may be able to use them to challenge the prosecutor’s case and support your own. Many times, positive case outcomes are a question of finding and exploiting any errors and aggressively cross-examining witnesses, including the police. If you submitted to a breath or blood test, the results may be able to be thrown out because of faulty procedures used when the officer administered the test. Even devices used to measure blood alcohol content are not infallible! Before you give up hope, consult with an experienced lawyer who may be able to find loopholes in evidence against you.

Will I go to jail if I am convicted of a DUI charge? – Our state has some alternative sentences that can be settled upon should you be found guilty, but there is always the option of pleading “not guilty” and actively fighting the charges. Most DUI offenses include some jail time as well as steep fines and the high possibility of losing your driver’s license. Taking immediate action and retaining attorney to fight for your interests is the best way to fight back against such life-impacting potential penalties.

How much does a criminal defense lawyer cost? – The cost of a criminal defense attorney will vary depending upon the amount of research necessary, the seriousness of the case, and the length of the trial. The question you should really ask yourself is what will the alternative cost you? For example, a DUI offense conviction will likely include increased insurance rates, hefty, fines, the loss of your driver’s license, and a mark on your legal record that may affect you when applying for something such as a new job. In felony cases, the damage to your life will be quite extensive if you are found guilty.

The penalties for a felony go beyond just the prison time; you will be facing life as a convicted felon, which leads to considerable restrictions regarding employment, housing, and even many professional licenses. The great news for you is that I do my best to make my services as affordable as possible for my clients. I genuinely believe every person deserves a good attorney to defend them. When you need solid legal counsel most, trust my firm to deliver consistent, high-quality results.

What can your firm help me with? – I defend clients facing a variety of criminal offenses. Whether you are accused of DUI or a sex crime, my firm is standing by, ready to advocate for you. I can also assist with legal representation for assault, murder, or theft offenses. Throughout my years of practice, I have helped clients with drug crime, weapon crime, and even internet crime charges. If you have been accused of any criminal offense, get in touch with my firm as soon as possible to give yourself a greater chance at an optimal case outcome.

Answering Your Questions in Totality

I realize that the thought of conviction can be more than off-putting. I also realize that this thought may provoke a lot of questions for the defendants involved – many more than the abbreviated list shown above. If you have more questions that were not answered in the FAQ answers displayed on this page, you can contact my office today to speak personally with a representative from the firm. At such a critical juncture in your life you cannot afford to take chances on an attorney who cannot answer all of your questions and defend you to the highest degree.

That is why you need the defensive skills offered at my firm, so don’t wait to contact us today for a free consultation and in-depth review of your charges.

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