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A common occurrence when a driver is facing charges is for the prosecuting attorney to offer a plea bargain. This agreement involves the driver essentially pleading guilty to a lesser charge and/or sentence. While it may seem that the prosecutor is offering you a good deal, do not accept any plea bargain or plead guilty without first consulting with a DUI defense attorney.

If you do not retain skilled legal representation, the prosecuting attorney will be acting from a position of power and you may find that the plea bargain actually offered you a worse outcome than if you had been convicted after a trial. A lawyer who understands the many issues associated with drunk driving charges and the plea bargains commonly offered by the prosecution can review your case from every angle to determine the potential advantages and disadvantages of a plea bargain.

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What does a plea bargain mean?

A DUI plea bargain involves you voluntarily waiving particular legal rights, such as:

  • The right to a jury trial
  • The right to testify
  • The right to present evidence at trial
  • The right to make the prosecution prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt
  • The right to remain silent

This is usually in exchange for a lesser sentence. Waiving these rights is a very important decision to make and is one that may influence you in many ways. Do not plead guilty or accept a plea bargain offered without first thoroughly reviewing the matter and all potential consequences it may have on you now and into the future.

Don't Plead Guilty – Contact a Chicago DUI Lawyer

As a criminal defense attorney with more than a decade of experience, I can conduct an accurate assessment of your charges to determine whether accepting a plea bargain will be in your best interests. I can also talk to you about your particular goals and concerns to ensure these are addressed as well. Contact my firm today to speak with a DUI defense lawyer in Chicago regarding your drinking driving case.

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