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Need a lawyer for your embezzlement case in Chicago?

Embezzlement is a form of white collar, non-violent theft. It occurs in businesses and corporations of all sizes, and can entail situations from very small amounts of theft to tens of millions of dollars of theft. Many people presume that because a crime is labeled “white collar,” that it will not be prosecuted as harshly. Unfortunately, this is not the case. White collar crimes can devastate individual businesses and can even influence the economy.

Prosecutors and law enforcement officials are cracking down on white collar crimes, and are looking to make examples out of those who are charged with crimes such as embezzlement. Call the Law Offices of Mitch Furman to speak with a practiced, knowledgeable defense lawyer who will remain committed to you and your case.

Have you been accused of embezzling money?

 am Mitch Furman, and I have extensive experience defending clients who have been charged with all manners of crimes, including embezzlement. Prosecutors, especially in cases involving large amounts of theft, are unforgiving and have likely already started forming their case against you if you have already been charged with a crime. Often, the prosecution begins their case before you are even aware that you are under investigation. You need my firm. We will work around the clock to keep you out of jail, so that once this is over you can return to your life as normal.

When you are facing criminal charges in Chicago, contact my office for quality, reputable criminal defense.

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