Felony Theft Charges in Chicago

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Are you facing felony charges for theft?

There are various theft crimes that are filed as a felony, including burglaryrobberycarjacking, as well as shoplifting crimes in which the items alleged to have been stolen are above a certain value. Any felony criminal accusation is very dangerous and can lead to prison time and other penalties. If you are facing criminal accusations related to a theft crime, call my firm, Law Offices of Mitch Furman. With a decade in practice protecting the rights of the criminally accused, I have the trial experience and personal dedication, and commitment that you want on your side.

When I take on defending against a felony theft crime, my goal is to present a well-crafted defense case that could win at trial. While some lawyers avoid trial and seek a plea bargain whenever possible, I look deeper into the situation. Your case could have significant errors, whether by police, investigators, or others. In preparing for trial, these issues become of great concern with regard to presenting the defense case to a jury. You, your life, the situation, the evidence, and exactly what the police did are all important factors in crafting a defense case for a felony theft charge.

Penalties for Felony Theft

State sentencing guidelines outline the various penalties that are imposed for felony crimes. A prior criminal record allows for longer sentences. For a habitual criminal, it is possible that a life sentence could be imposed for certain crimes, particularly those involving weapons. For a Class X felony, such as a criminal charge related to a home invasion case, the penalties imposed could include up to 30 years in state prison or as long as 60 years in certain cases. For other felony theft crimes, the penalties imposed will vary based on the value of the items alleged to have been stolen, as well as the circumstances, location, and criminal record of the accused. Generally, any person who has a prior conviction can expect to get a heavier sentence, particularly if the prior conviction was for a similar type of offense.

When your freedom could be lost, you cannot take any chances in choosing a Chicago criminal defense lawyer. This is not the time to hire an attorney with little or no trial experience. I have served as defense counsel in a range of felony theft crimes, and as a trial lawyer, I plan a defense strategy that has a higher possibility of success at trial. All of us who work within the criminal justice system know the importance of a quality defense; in fact, this is the most significant factor in the final outcome of a criminal trial. The ability to present evidence, cross-examine prosecution witnesses, and to bring forward other evidence and witnesses that could support the defense are all part of the process in a professional defense case.

Contact my firm. I will review the facts in your case and advise you of the various options that could help you to avoid conviction, reduce the level of the charge, or get the entire case dismissed, when possible.

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