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Charged with Kidnapping?

At my firm, the Law Offices of Mitch Furman, I have often been called upon to serve as defense counsel in very serious criminal cases. If you are accused of kidnapping, your legal situation could not be more dangerous. If you are accused of confining a person against his or her will through the use of force, deceit or enticement, or the confinement of a child under 13 years old without consent of the child’s parent, your future freedom could be lost.

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What Are the Penalties for Kidnapping In Illinois?

Looking for a lawyer for a kidnapping case? As a Chicago criminal lawyer, my sole focus is on seeking out the flaws in the prosecutor’s case, and exploiting these flaws for the benefit of my client.

Kidnapping – is a Class 2 felony, and can carry up to 7 years in state prison in a conviction.

Aggravated kidnapping – is a Class X felony, an even more serious criminal charge, in which it is alleged that a kidnapping was performed to obtain ransom, or bodily harm to the victim has taken place, or there are any weapons involved in the crime, or involves a child. For aggravated kidnapping, the defendant is facing prison time as long as 25 years, as well as a $25,000 in fines.

False Accusations, Parents Kidnapping, & Mistaken Identity

Charges of kidnapping can be filed against an innocent person, in a case of mistaken identity. There are also cases in which the alleged victim went willingly with the defendant, but later claimed to have been moved or confined against his or her will. A parent could be charged with kidnapping if he or she removed the children from the home or failed to return them to the other parent.

What Should I do if I am Convicted?

As the penalties that the court could impose in a conviction are so severe, it is imperative that the case is defended by a criminal lawyer who is personally committed to the defendant, and will seek out any advantage or alternative that could allow for reduced penalties, a dismissed charge, or could lead to an acquittal at trial. As each kidnapping case has unique circumstances and evidence, an analysis of every detail of the evidence must be undertaken immediately. It is advised that you contact my firm immediately if you have been arrested for kidnapping and have not yet been arraigned, or if you are being questioned in a kidnapping case.

Kidnapping Defense Attorney in Chicago

Your case may have elements that will allow for a powerful defense, whether the alleged kidnapping was a mistake, you were forced to be involved in the crime and feared for your life, or if the victim actually consented and later claimed to have been taken against his or her will. There are some cases in which an alleged victim makes false accusations. Unfortunately, when falsely accused, it cannot be assumed that you will be found innocent of the charge. It requires the assistance of a Chicago criminal defense lawyer that will take action and present the truth to the court, fully supported by evidence and testimony from defense witnesses. I take my job very seriously. I am prepared to discuss your case and advise you about what could be done to fight to avoid conviction.

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