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f you are having trouble getting your ex-wife or ex-husband to comply with divorce agreements such as child support payments, spousal support payments and child custody agreements, a divorce attorney may need to assist you with legal action. When an ex-spouse does not follow the terms of a divorce settlement, he or she is in violation of court orders. This not only creates confusion and stress for the spouse that is in compliance with divorce agreements, it is illegal. If your ex is refusing to pay child support or spousal support payments, you are not alone. By demonstrating that your ex-spouse has violated the terms of agreement laid down in the divorce settlement, my firm may be able to remedy the situation.

I have been helping families with divorce proceedings for years. Clients come to me when they need experience and skill at their side. If your ex-spouse is violating visitation or child support agreements, the negative ramifications can include lessening you child’s quality of life. Speaking with a skilled attorney can be your first step to taking effective legal action on your family’s behalf.

Finding the Right Representation

My firm has handled countless enforcement issues and continues to handle them on a regular basis. In some cases we are able to recover attorney’s fees and other costs from the offending party. It is in your best interests to have your case reviewed by an attorney so that you can understand your best course of action. Divorce is difficult and unfortunately in many cases the difficulty does not end when the divorce does. An attorney can help to minimize the stress involved in contempt proceedings and maximize their effectiveness.

When your divorce issues require the help of a seasoned attorney, call my firm. I can provide you with a free consultation so that you can get your questions answered

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