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Have you been arrested for a crime in Chicago, IL? Here at the Law Offices of Mitch Furman, I can protect your rights against the tough prosecution and fight to have your charges reduced or dismissed altogether. With over two decades of experience, I have ruthlessly defended my clients against even the most austere crimes and I work tirelessly to obtain the most favorable outcome. Whether this is your first encounter with the law, a probation violation, or a combination of criminal charges, I am prepared to defend you.

With my experience, knowledge and legal expertise, I will be able to build a strong defense on your behalf. My Chicago firm has a track record of success and a history of notable case victories that speak for themselves. I have been able to obtain numerous positive results for past clients. Check out my recent verdicts and case results and see for yourself!

Following a bench trial, client was aqitted of all charges including domestic battery. Client was facing possible jail time and a revocation of his gun ownership rights. Our Firm was able to secure a favorale verdict.

People v L.M 

Client Found Not Guilty of Possession of Firearm, Following a Bench Trial. State could not prove actual or constructive possesion of a loaded firearm that was recovered follwing a traffic stop. Firearm was recovered in a compartment behind dash which was accessible to multiple occupants.

Defendant and oher passengers  invoked their Fifth Amendement Right to Remain Silent. State was unable to pin the gun on our client.

People v. D.D.

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