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Drug crimes in Illinois State carry severe penalties, regardless of the illicit substance or compound in question. Moving or possessing a drug might lead to strict penalties upon conviction, but if you are charged with actually selling an illegal substance, matters could be even worse for you. After you have been accused of such a serious act, the right choice might be to retain the services of a professional Chicago drug crime lawyer.

I, Attorney Mitch Furman, have been practicing law and defending the rights of the accused for more than a decade. Throughout these years, I have seen criminal cases of all types, and I will not be caught off-guard by whatever the prosecution can present. From the moment I take your case to the final steps of the conclusion, I can be by your side and acting as a strong legal advocate that defends you from the scrutiny of the criminal justice system.

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Penalties for Drug Crimes in Illinois

If you are facing charges for drug sales – a form of drug trafficking – you need to understand how the charges could affect your future. The actual punishments will vary depending on what drug and how much of it is involved with your charges. One of the more common substances sold in Chicago is marijuana, or cannabis. Even though many consider this drug to be relatively harmless, marijuana sale charges can still crush your future stability with steep penalties.

Even a misdemeanor drug sale charge involving marijuana can include the following penalties:

  • $1,500 in fines
  • Up to six months incarceration
  • Lengthy probation
  • Loss of employment

Keep in mind that these harsh penalties are virtually the best case scenario when convicted of a drug sale crime. “Harder” drugs or greater amounts will quickly escalate the charges to a felony, which can put you in jail for at least a year, by definition. You may also see increased penalties based on who you allegedly sold drugs to, and where you were at the time of the transaction.

Defense Against Drug Sale Charges – I Will Fight For You!

Once you have been arrested for drug sale charges, I highly advise that you invoke your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and call my office as soon as possible. You do not want to give the police anything to use against you; even you believe you are completely innocent of any wrongdoing, what you do and say can be misconstrued against you. When I am on your side, you will gain all the knowledge and insight of a highly experienced Chicago criminal defense attorney.

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