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Any criminal matter, no matter how minor or severe, may have an impact on various areas of your life. From DUI all the way to murder, criminal charges and a conviction may result in imprisonment, fines and other serious criminal penalties as well as the issues involved with living and working with a criminal record. Of course the specific impact will vary depending on the severity of the offense and the circumstances of the case, but any defendant or arrestee can be guaranteed that he or she will face an altered future due to a legal matter of this kind.

The best way to get a handle on these difficult situations is to work with a Chicago criminal defense attorney who can advise you of your options protect your legal rights and guide you through the process of seeking a favorable case result that is in your best interests.

Why do you need a criminal defense attorney?

Even an initial consultation may offer you valuable insight into the situation you are dealing with. You may have been contacted by law enforcement and are wondering whether you are in danger of facing criminal charges because you are the subject of an investigation. A loved one may have been arrested. You may be facing criminal charges and are considering whether to accept a plea offer that the prosecuting attorney has made. In any of these or related matters, a competent Chicago criminal defense lawyer can give you the information you need to make the right choices about your case.

As a criminal lawyer with more than a decade of experience, I can offer you the help you need. I understand that you are going through a difficult time and that much may be at stake. By conducting an honest assessment of your charges, arrest or investigation, I can tell you exactly what I can do to assist you.

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