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You are required to have a formal hearing to seek the ability to legally drive after revocation.

In the State of Illinois, once your license has been suspended or revoked for an accident in which there was a fatality, or due to multiple DUI convictions, in order to regain the legal right to drive, you are required to request a formal hearing. At the Law Offices of Mitch Furman in Chicago, your case will be addressed carefully, with the goal of helping you get back behind the wheel legally. We have extensive experience and knowledge in driver’s license reinstatement, including serving as counsel in formal hearings.

The process has several steps, the first of which is for our criminal defense firm to request a formal hearing. Once the hearing date is set, we can represent you at the hearing, and present the evidence and testimony that could allow you to get your license reinstated, or to get a restricted license. There are cases in which a driver’s license has been revoked or suspended but the action was unfair, as the accused was not driving drunk. We are very familiar with presenting evidence to support our clients at formal hearings, and in achieving success in allowing them to get their license reinstated. We also represent the person in this situation in defending the actual DUI charge in criminal court, a separate legal action of great importance. If you have already had a formal hearing, the decision can be appealed, and we can assist you if this is your situation.

Your Driver's License: We can represent you at a formal hearing.

These hearings are important legal appearances, and must be handled with the highest level of professional skill. We know what must be presented at the hearing for a successful outcome, and we would like to speak with you about your personal situation, and advise you of what we could do to get you back behind the wheel, legally operating your vehicle.

Call our firm today for more information about formal hearings, and how we can help you with driver’s license reinstatement when you are accused of causing a fatal accident or have had your license suspended or revoked for a DUI offense.

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