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What to Do After a DUI Arrest?

Arrested For DUI in Chicag0?

Have you been arrested for driving under the influence? A DWI/DUI arrest can be scary and stressful because you are not only facing a criminal charge, but also the loss of your license. How you respond after being arrested for DWI will have a big influence on the overall result.

The first thing you should do following your arrest is to obtain an experienced Chicago DUI attorney to help defend against your charges. Once you have a legal advocate on your side, there are some tips and best practices that you follow in order to reach a favorable outcome.

After a DUI arrest, it is vital that you adhere to the following suggested steps:

  1. Exercise your rights: Under the U.S. Constitution, you have clearly defined rights when arrested. It is very important that you do not waive these rights because their purpose it to protect you. Most notably, you have the right to remain silent. By not responding, you are less likely to say something incriminating that can be used against you. You are not legally obligated to answer law enforcements’ questions after being arrested. You also have the right to an attorney and they can be present with you during the questioning process.
  2. Fight back: It is important to remember that drunk driving is not a traffic infraction, it is a criminal offense. A DWI/DUI conviction can bring about severe consequences including jail time, steep fines, revocation of your license, and possibly alcohol treatment classes. You are still innocent until proven guilty, however, so I suggest fighting the charges in court despite what the breath or blood teste evidence is saying. An experienced attorney will know how to challenge these chemical tests, test the validity of your traffic stop, and can find other ways to protect your license.
  3. Prevent License Suspension: After a DUI arrest you only have 90 days to file a Petition to Rescind Statutory Summary Suspension Hearing to have your license reinstated. Your attorney can represent you at the hearing and work to persuade the counsel to reinstate your driving privileges. 
  4. Get the proper insurance: If you ever are indeed convicted of DUI, then there is a good chance that your current insurance policy may be terminated. If you have your driver’s license and are legally allowed to drive, you will need to acquire the proper insurance. Talk to your attorney about filing an SR-22. This will act as legal proof that you carry the insurance required by our state.
  5. DUI expungement: A DUI conviction does not have to stay on your record forever. There are ways to have these prior convictions sealed or destroyed so they are no longer on your criminal record, which is known as expungement. If you do not want future employers to find out about past convictions, then speak to your attorney about your interest in expunging your DUI charge.

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