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Prostitution Defense Attorney in Chicago

Are you facing serious sex crime allegations after being arrested for prostitution crimes in Illinois? So much of your future could be at stake, you cannot afford to go through this alone! Contact me, Chicago criminal defense attorney Mitch Furman, as soon as you can to discover your legal options and make the next move in confidence.

I have been practicing criminal defense for more than a decade. From rape charges to child pornographyaccusations, sex crime accusations cannot throw me. No matter what the prosecution thinks it can pin on you, I can be there to challenge their claims and fight for your behalf. You deserve to be treated fairly. By pressing to have your charges dismissed or reduced, I believe I can represent your best interests and bring a professional edge to your claims.

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What Constitutes Prostitution?

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The simple version of Illinois State law defines prostitution as performing, offering to perform, or promising to perform any sort of sexual act for anything of value. This means that money, gifts, or services can all be cited as payment in a prostitution page, opening the door for a wider array of accusation opportunities. The less simple version of the law is actually somewhat convoluted, as the definition of a prostitution crime starts to expand.

Act of prostitution can include, performing any act of patronizing a prostitute, act of sexual penetration, engaging in a sexual act with a prostitute, solicitation of sexual act with a prostitute. In Illinois, prostitution is a Class A Misdemeanor.

Actions that might be related to your prostitution crime charges include:

  • Patronizing
  • Promoting
  • Pimping
  • Pandering

Strict Punishments for Prostitution Charges in Chicago

Although it is generally considered a nonviolent crime, prostitution is still a sex crime. To that end, it is subject to seriously damaging penalties upon conviction. If you do not take the appropriate steps to defend yourself in and out of court, you could wind up in a precarious situation that jeopardizes your future for the rest of your life.

Consequences you could be facing vary from case to case but are always severe, such as:

  • Prison or jail time
  • Fines paid to the state
  • Sex offender registration
  • Ruination of reputation
  • Career opportunity loss

Let My Firm Help You In Defending Your Case

I am an experienced criminal defense attorney, Mitch Furman, have dedicated much of my legal practice to criminal defense cases. I feel it is important to stand up for the rights of individuals that are so often unfairly cast aside by the law or public opinion. With my experienced counsel and drive to succeed, I believe that there is a strong chance for you to find a beneficial resolution to your case.

If you’re charged with prostitution, Contact Chicago Premier Prostitution Defense Attorney today to schedule a free case evaluation with my legal team.

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