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In an uncontested divorce, the settlement is agreed to by both parties. If your spouse does not agree to the settlement or makes a counter-demand, it is not considered uncontested divorce. I, Attorney Mitch Furman, have helped many spouses seeking an uncontested divorce to successfully carry out the divorce procedure while protecting their interests and minimizing the time and stress involved.

In order to obtain a no-fault divorce in the state of Illinois, the following must apply:

  • The spouses must have lived separate and apart for over 2 years (“Separate and apart” does not necessarily mean living in two separate houses, even if the parties resided in the same household, the “separate and apart” criteria may apply)
  • The spouses must cite irreconcilable differences as the breakdown of the marriage
  • Any effort to reconcile the marriage has been unsuccessful and it no longer suits either party to continue any attempts at reconciliation

One of the big advantages to uncontested divorce is that much of the emotional trauma of divorce can be avoided. Many are able to resolve their problems amicably in a setting that they are both comfortable in with the help of a skilled attorney. An attorney from the firm can begin assisting you immediately.

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I have years of experience handling family law cases throughout the state. In addition, I have helped many families through divorce procedures so that they could move on with their lives. Having a skilled attorney at your side to help you through the divorce process can have a profound impact on the success of your divorce. Lengthy and difficult divorces can wreak havoc on families not only emotionally, but financially as well.

Thankfully there are many more options available to you. I can provide you with a free consultation if you call today.

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