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The wealth of personal and secure information that is now obtainable online and by using technology has increased the prevalence of identity theft, which in turn has increased the penalties associated with identity theft. In general, obtaining, identity theft is defined as selling, or using someone else’s unlawfully acquired personal information in order to gain access to confidential information or finances. The penalties for identity theft vary depending on the amount of money stolen, but may have harsher penalties if the victim is a member of the armed forces, disabled, or an elderly person.

Penalties Include

  • $300 or less is a Class 4 felony, punishable by 1-3 years in prison
  • $300-$2,000 is a Class 3 felony, punishable by 2-5 years in prison
  • $2,000-$10,000 is a Class 2 felony, punishable by 3-7 years in prison
  • $10,000-$100,000 is a Class 1 felony, punishable by 4-15 years in prison
  • $100,000 or more is a Class X felony, punishable by 6-30 years in prison with no possibility of probation.

Identity Theft Defense Lawyer

A defense attorney at the Law Offices of Mitch Furman can investigate and defend your case if you have been charged with identity theft. I, attorney Mitch Furman, will work tirelessly on your behalf. I have a strong record of successes, even with tough cases. I and my legal team will examine every detail and aspect of your case, including the manner in which you were investigated and arrested.

Be proactive about protecting your future, and contact our office today to arrange a free case evaluation with a skilled and experienced defense lawyer at our firm.

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