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Divorce agreements are legally binding. Both parties must adhere to these agreements or they may be subject to penalties. In some cases, a modification is desired due to a substantial change in circumstance. Child custody, spousal support and child support modifications are often sought in the state of Illinois. The court must be presented with evidence that the earlier agreements require modification due to a change in life circumstances. In some cases, a post decree modification is sought when one spouse experienced a significant increase or decrease in income. The child custody agreements often need to be revisited when one spouse desires to move out of town. Whether you seek to gain a modification to child support, child custody or spousal support, speaking with an experienced divorce lawyer can help you to discover your best course of action.

About Post Decree Modifications

Post decree modifications may also be implemented when one spouse is not complying with the terms of the marriage settlement. In addition, a significant change in your circumstances can make old divorce agreements burdensome and unfair. I, Attorney Mitch Furman, understand how difficult it can be raising a family and simply trying to live when one spouse is not complying with the agreements made during the divorce proceedings. I have helped countless families to get their questions answered and move on with their lives successfully.

Problems can arise after divorce proceedings have taken place and it is possible to solve them with the help of an experienced attorney. Your best interests and the best interests of your child should be protected and fought for. Whether you wish to enforce an agreement, stop a modification or make a modification to old divorce agreements, I may be able to help you.

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