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Has Your Child Been Charged with a Crime?

Young people can run into trouble with the law due to associating with the wrong people, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or due to an error in judgment. Every young person deserves help, and to be given a second chance.

In many cases, just an arrest is enough punishment. The fear and anxiety of being caught in the criminal justice system can be real wake-up call. Unfortunately, the penalties don’t end after an arrest. There is the criminal trial and the penalty phase.

In serious criminal charges, there could be an attempt to move a juvenile case into adult court, which is very dangerous. As the juvenile court system is geared more toward rehabilitation rather than punishment, you would not want a juvenile case transferred to adult criminal court. If the prosecutor tries to do so, it is time to fight this effort, hard. At my firm, Law Offices of Mitch Furman, I have a great deal of compassion for young people caught in the justice system, and can be counted upon to do everything possible to help the young person avoid a conviction.

DUI, Vandalism, Theft Crimes, Drug Crimes & Violent Crimes

Searching for a lawyer for a juvenile crime case in Chicago? Whether your child is facing charges of DUI, a theft crime such as burglary or shoplifting, a drug offense or is accused of a violent crime, I should analyze the facts of the case immediately. I have a great depth of knowledge about the criminal justice system as well as the juvenile court system, and what to do to reduce the damage to a young person’s future opportunities. As a DUI conviction will have a big impact on the ability to get a job, entry into certain colleges and will restrict any ability to drive a vehicle, this is a real problem for a young person facing charges.

Possible juvenile DUI penalties, a first offense will lead to:

  • A minimum 2 years of license suspension
  • Up to 1 year in prison
  • A fine as high as $2,500

This is in a situation in which no accident took place. A 3rd underage DUI will be filed as a felony, and a conviction will completely destroy the future opportunities of the convicted underage driver.

Need a Lawyer for a Juvenile Criminal Case in Chicago?

In other charges, such as shoplifting, the level of the charge will be based upon the value of the goods that were allegedly stolen. It may be filed as a misdemeanor or felony. In violent crimes, the same is true. Bodily injuries will lead to felony charges. In drug crimes, if it is believed that your child was involved in an illicit drug operation, dealing drugs, or providing drugs to others, felony drug charges will be filed. Do not take any chances when you choose a criminal defense attorney. Ensure that you have legal counsel that is highly dedicated to you and your child, and is ready to fight for any advantage.

Call my firm today for assistance in defending against a juvenile crime.

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