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Need to File a Lawsuit in Cook County, Illinois?

Sometimes, businesses can become involved in conflicts or disputes in the “business of doing business.” Sometimes, individuals can become involved in conflicts or disputes in the “business of everyday life.” When a dispute between individuals or businesses escalates to the point that it cannot be handled by communication between the parties, it is likely that one of the parties will seek legal recourse.

Are you involved in a situation like this? You need to contact a lawyer at the Law Offices of Mitch Furman immediately. You don’t want to go alone, whether your case is based on a dispute concerning compensation, breach of contract, judgment, domestic law issues, or any other civil matter. You need someone who knows the law and will not back down or be intimidated.

As an experienced civil litigation attorney, my law firm will aggressively fight for you to resolve your case quickly and effectively. At the Law Offices of Mitch Furman, I understand that any legal dispute can be stressful and confusing. I will take the time to get to know you and your situation to develop an effective strategy for success.

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What Is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation is the legal process for resolving legal disputes between individuals, organizations, or both, where criminal charges and penalties are not at issue. The parties involved pursue legal action to enforce or defend a legal right, seeking remedies such as monetary damages or specific performance rather than criminal sanctions. These non-criminal disputes can range from simple, small-scale matters to complex, multi-party litigation.

Throughout this process, various legal matters fall under the civil litigation umbrella, including issues like breach of contract, property damage, personal injury claims, and intellectual property disputes.

These types of civil litigation cases may be heard in state courts, such as the Circuit Court of Cook County for those in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. The process is governed by procedural rules that dictate the actions and timelines for the litigation stages, which include investigation, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial proceedings, potential settlement or trial, and possibly an appeal if the decision is contested.

Understanding Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a process to resolve a disagreement or dispute between two or more parties through the legal system. Litigation can be initiated by either party when they have suffered an alleged injury or wrong at someone else’s hands. These cases are dealt with in court, and typically, the remedy sought by the party initiating litigation involves compensation for some harm experienced.

Litigating a civil lawsuit involves several steps to ensure that both sides are represented fairly and that justice is served.
At the most basic level, this includes pleadings, which detail each side’s version of events. These include:

  • Filing a Complaint with the Circuit Court in Cook County.
  • Discovery, during which both sides gather evidence by propounding and answering written interrogatories, exchanging relevant documents and other evidence, and appearing for a verbal deposition.
  • Trial, where the parties appear in court to present their evidence.

In certain instances, if one of the parties is not satisfied with the outcome at trial, any litigant may file an appeal.

Our Role in civil litigation as your lawyers

A civil litigation lawyer, also known as a litigator or trial attorney, represents clients involved in these disputes. Their role is multifaceted, requiring a deep understanding of the legal process, expert negotiation skills, and strong advocacy. At the onset of a legal dispute, the lawyers at Law Offices of Mitch Furman, will evaluate the case to determine its merits, possibly consulting with experts and conducting preliminary investigations.

If a civil lawsuit needs to be filed, our attorneys will draft and file the necessary documents, which could include complaints, answers, and counterclaims. During the course of litigation, our attorneys will engage in discovery, the exchange of information pertinent to the case, which involves taking depositions and propounding legal discovery.

At the Law Offices of Mitch Furman, our skilled attorneys adeptly navigate these procedures to obtain favorable outcomes for our clients. We strive to resolve disputes out of court or to position the case for success at trial if necessary.

For our clients in Chicago, our civil litigation team of lawyers has a thorough knowledge of Illinois state laws and an understanding of the workings of Cook County’s court system and Will County’s court system. Our team of experienced lawyers will vigorously prosecute or defend your claim to completion. Ultimately, our team of civil litigation lawyers’s objective is to provide comprehensive legal services to achieve the most effective resolution to a client’s legal matters, whether through settlement negotiations or vigorous representation in the courtroom.

Different types of civil litigation cases Our Firm Handles

Civil litigation encompasses many disputes that seek legal remedies instead of criminal action. These non-criminal cases can be vastly diverse, often requiring an experienced attorney with specific expertise related to the claim. Some common types of civil litigation cases include personal injury claims, breach of contract cases, property damage claims, business disputes, and construction accidents. Our team of skilled attorneys concentrating on civil litigation have a deep understanding of the substantive and procedural law pertinent to these legal issues.

Personal injury claims

Personal injury claims arise when an individual suffers harm from an accident or injury that another person’s negligence or intentional conduct caused. This type of legal action seeks to compensate for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Common examples include car accidentsslip and fall incidents, and medical malpractice. A personal injury lawyer’s role is to prove the defendant’s liability and the extent of the harm to secure appropriate compensation for the victim. Our team of personal injury attorneys routinely handles this kind of case.

Breach of contract cases

Breach of contract cases occurs when one party fails to fulfill its obligations under the terms of a contractual agreement. This failure can be in the form of non-performance, poor performance, or interference with the other party’s performance. The aggrieved party may pursue legal action to enforce the contract or seek damages for losses incurred. Experienced attorneys at our firm routinely handle breach of contract cases in Cook County and, if needed, will go to a civil trial to resolve these disputes.

Property damage claims

Property damage claims involve seeking compensation for damage to or loss of property. This could result from various incidents like vehicle accidents, vandalism, or natural disasters. The plaintiffs must demonstrate the extent of the damage and the defendant’s responsibility to recover costs for repairs or replacement. Property damage cases can be resolved through insurance claims or civil litigation proceedings, depending on the circumstances of the case.

Business disputes

Business disputes encompass a variety of conflicts between companies, partners, shareholders, or other parties involved in business transactions. These can range from disagreements over joint ventures, breaches of fiduciary duty, to intellectual property infringement and commercial litigation.

Resolution of such disputes often requires a detailed understanding of complex legal and business matters, making the role of a commercial litigation attorney vital in facilitating negotiations or advocating in court.

Construction accidents

Construction accidents commonly involve injuries sustained on construction sites due to safety violations, negligence, or defective equipment. These cases can become legally complex and often implicate various entities, including contractors, subcontractors, and property owners.

Our lawyers concentrating in this area will address workplace safety regulations, liability, and workers’ compensation laws to protect our clients’ interests and ensure fair compensation for injuries.

The civil litigation process involves multiple stages in each case type, including assessment, investigation, pleading, discovery, pre-trial, trial, and potentially an appeal. The depth and breadth of civil litigation necessitate engaging a civil litigation lawyer in Chicago who can provide comprehensive legal services and navigate the intricate legal system of Cook County with a strong track record of success. Chicago Premier Attorney, Law Offices of Mitch Furman, has a proven record of meeting such criteria.

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Type of Civil Litigation Cases We Handle

At the Law Offices of Mitch Furman, our team of skilled attorneys handles various cases involving civil lawsuits. 

Civil Litigation Cases We Handle Include

At the Law Offices of Mitch Furman, I approach civil litigation cases with a keen eye for detail and an absolute commitment to achieving a successful outcome for my clients. As your attorney, it is my job to help you navigate the complexities of the legal system while advocating on your behalf. I understand that any legal dispute can be an emotionally harrowing experience.

My Approach to Civil Litigation in Chicago

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At the Law Offices of Mitch Furman, I approach civil litigation cases with a keen eye for detail and an absolute commitment to achieving a successful outcome for my clients. As your attorney, it is my job to help you navigate the complexities of the legal system while advocating on your behalf. I understand that any legal dispute can be an emotionally harrowing experience.

Consult with a Civil Litigation Lawyer

I invite you to call me and schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case. At that time, I will thoroughly evaluate your situation to determine what legal steps must be taken to handle your situation. I will then ensure that you thoroughly understand your options because good communication is vital to the client-attorney relationship. Once we commence, I’ll work tirelessly to bring your case to the most optimum outcome possible.

My many years of experience as a civil litigation lawyer have taught me that a friendly and caring approach for my client coupled with a knowledgeable, aggressive, and relentless courtroom manner is the right combination to ensure that I’ve done everything in my power to achieve the goals of those whom I represent. Contact me. 

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