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Defending Internet Crimes in Illinois

Our population is addicted to the internet, and almost everyone in the Chicago area is online for at least a portion of the time each week. The expansion of this communication has led to a huge increase in certain types of crimes that are generally termed “internet crimes.”

Internet Crimes include the following criminal activities, such as:

These crimes have become so prevalent that special task forces have been created both on a state and federal level to identify those who are using the internet to commit criminal acts. The penalties are often harsh, and the crimes are often charged at a federal level and will be tried in federal court. If you have been arrested and charged with any internet crime, it is critical that you contact a Chicago criminal defenselawyer at once.

Internet Crimes Defense Strategies in Chicago

These crimes have complex evidence that indicates to the prosecutor that you are guilty of the crime; however, there are many options to defend such cases, and in some cases, it is necessary to enlist the assistance of our investigator and experts to prove that others may have planted information on the computer in question or that others had easy access to the computer. Many of these cases can be successfully defended with fast action taken on your behalf.

You can be assured that there is no prosecutor, law enforcement group, or judge that intimidates me; I am prepared to aggressively defend my clients who are facing charges related to any internet crime. It would help if you didn’t answer any questions from investigators, federal or state, who want to interview you about a suspected internet crime; they are only looking for more evidence with which to convict.

If you discover that you are under investigation for such a crime, contact my firm right away.

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