man in a car holding beer, with flashing police lights behind him.

What To Do if You Are Pulled Over for a DUI/DWI


– One should pull over to a safe place

Remain Calm. Once a police officer puts on the lights, and decides to pull you over for a (DUI/DWI), be very careful of what you say as they are monitoring and making observations of all actions that are admissable in court. Remember that the police officer is making mental notes of how you brake, slow down, or pull over in a strange place.

Make sure you are aware of your surroundings

The officer is watching you from behind, and they are being cautious of their surroundings as well to protect themselves. Don’t make any jerky motions, because they will be approaching the car from behind to insure their own safety as well.

– Treat them with respect

Being polite and courteous is the best way to let them know that you are cooperative and that you are in control. Being rude or hostile is is really a way to set your self up for disaster. If you treat them with respect, most likely they will treat you with respect as well. When they pull up behind your vehicle as you are moving, once again. pull over slowly and cautiously.

– Don’t stretch the truth, or answer any incriminating questions

That’s your right as an individual. You may feel cautious, anxious, and be a bit scared, but maintaining your peace of mind is the best way to deal with the situation. Stay focused. The anxiety of being pulled over is something that they’re always watching for. If they start asking questions that you are uncomfortable answering or fear that they are asking questions that go against your rights, stay calm. If the officer asks if you’ve been drinking, it’s your right to not incriminate yourself, but let them know that your rights are allowing you not to answer any of the questions. Depending upon your unique situation, body composition, alcohol tolerance and daily circumstances, if you have had just one to two drinks, you might not be over the legal limit.

It is your right to refuse a field sobriety test

Just remember your rights. You do have the right to refuse the test, unless of course you feel that just the one to two drinks have not affected you to the point that you were not able to operate your vehicle properly. It is completely up to the officer to determine whether you are intoxicated based off of your performance on these tests.

– Taking a chemical test

Once again, this is your right to refuse this test at the police station. However, the state of Illinois has an
Implied Consent Law which means that if probable cause exists for an officer to give a breathalyzer exam at the station and you refuse, your driving priveleges will be suspended for a longer period of time.

– One of the Most Important things after your release

Write down everything that you can remember about the occurrence. The more notes that you take, the more you will remember. That is so imperative for your case. Remember, where you and what you did before the occurrence, how much you had to drink, what happened when the officer pulled you over, how the officer behaved and instructions he gave you, what was said, where you were when you were pulled over, and all other interactions that happened.


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