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Mitch Furman is the lawyer for you! Look no further if you are in need of a lawyer and are feeling terrified that simply trusting in your innocence may not be enough to keep you from being found guilty.
I was innocent and was found innocent, but I still don’t know if things were guaranteed to go that way if it weren’t for Mitch’s amazing skills as a defender.
He saw to it that the truth of the incident was explained in detail, and he was able to skillfully get the accusers to be exposed for the lies they were telling. It was actually very much like you see on television, he was able to ask questions and reveal the truth in a way hat made me want to clap my hands.
He did extensive research about the details and geography and was even able to name the four streets involved, and his being able to do this so clearly helped the judge to se how the accusers were lying about almost everything they had put into their statement. He knew more details about my case than I would have been able to remember.
From the very start I was treated with dignity, professionalism, kindness and he even helped to comfort me and calm me down during this terrifying time of my life.
Mr. Furman was always there for any questions I had and was always upfront about best case and worst case scenarios. But most importantly, he was able to assure me that from his extensive experience, he felt secure from the evidence the accusers presented, the odds were that I would not be going to prison.
He also saw to it that this was not dragged out over more time than was necessary. He asked the judge to please allow it to be brought to trial as soon as possible. I was definitely terrier all the way up to the trial, but once he got going, I saw how clear he was making it for the judge that my accusers were lying and that I was innocent. He’s a good man, very forthright and honest.
I’m not a wealthy person ,but acquiring Mr. Furman’s services was the best money I’ve ever spent. Don’t look any further if you want the best representation by good man with experience with the complicated judicial system here in Chicago.
I was horribly let down by the justice system several years ago when I was attacked, I didn’t know at that time just how crucial having a good lawyer is.If I had had Mitch Furman on my side back then, the man who beat me would have gotten what he deserved instead of walking away.

Thank you Mitch, I will forever be in your debt. I admire you as a man of honor and a skilled lawyer.

– D.S.

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